New Dole Pineapple Soprano      

Some long time ago I had built another pineapple ukulele similar to this one. Recently I came across a photo of it and liked it so much that I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce it. This is the label from the pineapple juice that I grew up with.
            So, for your consideration is an new pineapple ukulele built out of a highly figured birds-eye maple body, a highly curly maple neck and a spruce soundboard.
            I made a silkscreen for the yellow and red image colors and they are screen printed on top of a blue lacquer finish and then the silk-screened image is sealed under some more clear lacquer. This is a process that I do when I want to have an art image on the soundboard. This technique makes a smooth image that won't wear off.
            The scale length is soprano, the tuners are Grover 4 friction tuners with a set of fun colored buttons installed. The fingerboard is Bocote wood. The back of the body is well arched and the finish is smooth lacquer.
            It's set up and playability is excellent. Price includes a case (which fits, but isn't pineapple shaped).         Overall length is 21 1/2” and it weighs about 15 ozs.      $800